Day 165. Ice-cream and granny slippers.

Well I reckon I was in some NHS fast-track operation list because I was in and out of hospital within 27 hours which is pretty good going. I got given my very flattering blue gown ad tight socks to put on and within a couple of hours I was plodding down the corridor to theatre in my £5 Asda granny slippers. Next thing I know, I’m waking up in recovery. Turns out I’m allergic to penicillin which was news to me but a bit of a panic for them. The operation took around 2 hours and I get my stitches taken out on Wednesday so I am looking forward to seeing my new cosmetic surgery job! (Although, I don’t think it will be as exciting as taking bandages off after a nose job…).

For the first 5 hours or so after waking up, I couldn’t feel my hand at all as they had used local anaesthetic on it (as well as having me under general anaesthetic) which was a bit freaky – like when you’ve fallen asleep with your arm under you. But the pain isn’t as bad as when I had my first operation – just a bit of throbbing and aching. I told my folks that my throat was pretty dry and was struggling to eat properly so being the awesome parents they are, they bought me a huge tub of ice-cream. Man, after not eating for 13hours it was so good. Over the night I was woken up by my lovely friend Bhav who was working a night shift at the hospital, woken up to be given more drugs and woken up by the loudest mouth breathing human I think I’ve ever heard. I thought I was in some kind of wind tunnel and I was in danger of being sucked into that thing at any moment. But apart from that, I slept well and was discharged from the hospital shortly after breakfast. So now we wait until Wednesday to see if my hand looks like a cosmetic surgery job that Jordan would be proud of or if it looks like I just high-fived Edward Scissorhands

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2 thoughts on “Day 165. Ice-cream and granny slippers.

  1. Ross Floate says:

    Hi there. Thanks so much for writing the blog.

    On July 2 this year, I managed to get full thickness burns to the entire back of my right hand. On Friday 13 July, I had graft surgery, and tomorrow, 30 July, I’m going to see the hand for the first time since July 11.

    I’ve been looking online for people who have had similar injuries, and by looking for “pressure glove” found your site.

    Good luck with your recovery. Looks like you’re a few months ahead of me, so I’ll keep checking to see what’s coming up.

    • craftygrafty says:

      Hi, I’m very glad the blog has helped! Tomorrow is a big day for you then! Everything’ll be okay. Surgeons are incredible people and do pretty good jobs! The next big step for you will be your physiotherapy which is tough but just keep going at it. It can hurt like hell, but it will work!
      I wish you the very best of luck tomorrow – I will also be in hospital having my stitches out from my recent op so shall be thinking of you.
      Let me know how it goes!

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