Day 176. Sharks and stitches.

So after having my appointment rescheduled for 5 days later, Monday finally rolled around. If waking up an hour and a half late and still catching the bus was an Olympic sport, I would have won gold. But as it’s not, I was just happy to get to my appointment on time. The bandages took a good 5 minutes to cut open before I was able to see what wonders cosmetic surgery can do. I’ll admit, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that I was going to be zig-zaggy but that was about it. Well anyway, let’s cut to the chase:

Y’know, I think that after you get knocked out for surgery, they wheel you into theatre where a number of grannies are ready with their sewing machines and cross-stitch needles and after the surgeon does a a couple of zig-zag cuts, the grannies plonk your hand onto their machine and give it a couple of runs through whilst listening to Take That on their analogue radio. After 10 minutes of unpicking, tugging and general squirming from my part, all the 48 stitches were out and it looked something like the 2nd picture above. The first thing I noticed was how straight my fingers were now – I flattened my hand onto the table so much easier than before the operation. I also noticed that a thick lump of scar tissue that used to be on the webbing of my ring finger and my little finger was now gone. I then remembered about my note I had left on my hand to remind me to take the bins out for the bin collection. Whoops…

So now the physiotherapy and occupational therapy starts over again. Once the wounds have fully healed and the scarring fades, my hand should look a lot better than it did before the z-plasties. But for now, I shall continue to tell people that I had a fight with a shark and won..

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3 thoughts on “Day 176. Sharks and stitches.

  1. Thank you so much for publishing this. I am a metalsmith, I have been playing/working in jewelry/metal arts since I was 14. I saw my first buffer accident at 14 and have always had a great respect for the danger of those machines. I am so sorry you ran afoul of one but your bravery in showing the results and your determination to overcome this are truly admirable. I also am recovering from a hand injury, my right index finger was shattered in a stupid accident involving my dog and a fence post. I am 5 weeks post surgery and beginning rehab and you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for that. If I can ever be of assistance let me know.

    Jim Binnion

    • craftygrafty says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Jim. It’s a real pleasure to hear comments like your own. I hope your rehab goes well and you make a full recovery. Try to avoid any more situations involving your dog and fence posts though!!

      – Amy

  2. […] EDIT: To see photos after the z-plasty procedure, click here. […]

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