Day 240. Wanna see something really gross?

Here are some of the photos my surgeon just sent me of my skin graft surgery. If you don’t like gore, then don’t look!!

First of all, if you remember way back to how my hand looked before surgery, you can see that whilst I was zonked out, they scrubbed all of that fat off so I had just the raw flesh.

Here you can see where my skin was taken from my foot.

Now it starts to get gross and zombie lookin’. They must have cut off my blood supply or something because my hand should not be that colour… Oh yeah, and see that thing in the bottom left? Yep. That’s my foot skin.

New skin is attached and blood starts to return to my hand.

If you vomited during this post, I do apologise. But hey, almost 8 months later and it’s looking pretty good!

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One thought on “Day 240. Wanna see something really gross?

  1. It is absolutely amazing that such a horrific accident can look so good in a matter of months. You have been so brave throughout this whole ordeal and I am VERY VERY proud of you. Love Mum x

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