I owe these guys my hand.

So these cool kids are the reason my hand is looking so awesome. My surgeon Mr Rauf, my occupational therapist Liz (both from Leicester Royal Infirmary) and my mother in the bottom left. There is also the whole Burns Unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary during my first couple of weeks and my incredible physiotherapist Kate but I haven’t got a photo of her… I am very blessed to have had such incredible individuals help me. My mother cleaned my hand every day in the weeks leading up to my surgery which I think was about as painful for her as it was for me. Without her doing such a good job, my hand could have easily become infected and things could have turned out a lot worse for me. Mr Rauf needs no explaining on how he has helped me, despite sending me home with turmeric and honey pasted all over my healing scars. Kate is the reason I can carry on using my hand to it’s full extent and gives wonderful hand massages. And finally Liz who is the reason my scar is becoming barely noticeable, my fingers are staying wonderfully straight and I keep getting given funky gloves. I think I will have to high-five them next time I see them. Thank you guys, so much. xxxx


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One thought on “I owe these guys my hand.

  1. What a lovely picture Amy and your write up above bought a lump to my throat. Thank You. Love Mum xxx

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