Day 279. Scarring update.

So, plodding along as usual! Just a quick update;

Movement in my fingers is so much better, almost back to normal. They are still stiff and feel like they need a good oil but I guess that they will improve in time. They are all continuing to be straight except for my worst damaged one – my ringer finger – which is ever so slightly bent on the top joint. But apart from that, the pressure glove, moisturising and splint are doing a good job! Take a look:

Right hand is also there to show the comparison. Fingers are still pretty thin and ET-lookin’ but when I finally stop wearing the glove, I’m hoping that they’ll fatten out again.

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One thought on “Day 279. Scarring update.

  1. They are looking beautiful Amy! Fab progress made. Our love and good wishes for this academic year! All at Westend x

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