Day 704. T-119 days.

Well, the end is in sight. The light at the end of the tunnel is just a glimmer in the distance but it’s definitely there, shimmering away. My last hospital appointment had my occupational therapist, Liz, having a good poke and prod at my scar with accompanying ‘Hmmm…’s and ‘Lovely…’s  – similar noises to those I make at the sight of cake. Anyway, after a good look, Liz tells me that I’m nearly there. The colour is good – it’s no longer a sore-looking red – and the scarring seems settled but she thinks it needs just one more stint of glove wearing, with my next appointment booked for the 9th of May.

Jan Hand 01

One more stint?! Yipee!! This is the news I’ve been waiting for! The promise of an end! But despite my joy, I do think I’ll miss my little black gloves. They keep my hand warm on my cold, metal gearstick. They provide a good talking point when meeting new people and they allow me to receive an impressive number of Michael Jackson comments. However, I can’t deny my happiness in knowing that there is now an end. It shall be 2 years since my accident on the 6th of February and oh boy, what a 2 years it’s been. Finally, a shameless plug for my photography business!

Jan Hand 03Jan Hand 02

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One thought on “Day 704. T-119 days.

  1. Fwaire says:

    Yey! Congratulations! I hope your hand continues making a good recovery!

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